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30th January
written by amber

At the Office

Everyone in the office turned and stared. It took Jan a moment to figure out why, because no one was saying a thing, just staring with mouths open, some of them pointing, some starting to grin.

She was naked.

She sighed. Now she knew why the day had been going so badly – her alarm clock not ringing, her shower water never getting any warmer than tepid, her car refusing to start. This was a dream. A bad dream.

She distinctly remembered pulling her best skirt and jacket out of the wash because all the clothes hanging in the closet were dirtier than anything in the hamper. Why hadn’t she realized how wrong that was? Because she was in a dream, that’s why.

Jan had put on the skirt and jacket, blouse and underwear, and now they were gone. Because she was in a dream.

Now someone was screaming, and everyone in the office turned toward the sound. It was Kaylee, Mr. Anderson’s secretary. She was naked too.

Jan walked right over to her, grabbing a sweater off the back of Olena’s chair as she went by. If this wasn’t a dream, that would have been a fatal move. Olena hated anyone touching her stuff, and she always had her revenge on people who crossed her. But this was a dream.

“Here, take this.” Jan handed Olena’s sweater to Kaylee. “And stop screaming. This is only a dream.”

“Pretty sexy dream,” Paul said, as he fiddled with his cell phone.

“He took my picture!” Kaylee complained.

Jan reached for the phone. “Give me that!”

“Too late, I just sent it out!” he crowed. “Anyway, whose dream is this exactly? Because I–hey!”

He flung the cell phone away from him. Except it wasn’t a cell phone any longer. It appeared to have transformed into a snake. Olena beat it to death with her trash bin.

After Mr. Anderson came out of his office to see what the fuss was about and everyone saw that his suit had turned into a panda costume and then the coffee machine began to shoot fireworks all over the office, everyone decided to go home, go back to bed, and try to get out of this dream.

Jan slept right through to the next morning. Once again her alarm didn’t ring, but that wasn’t surprising because it had become a piece of moldy cheese.
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