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4th January
written by amber

Wednesday’s Child Is Full of Woe

Mercredi weeps and the people kneeling in front of her weep also. It is her vocation to perpetually mourn the death of the first child born in space, the girl Dione who had been loved by everyone. Mercredi is one of three mourners, but the only one on the Saturn orbital station, where Dione had been born and where she had died.

People leave food, they leave money. They leave these things for Mercredi. For Dione, they leave teddy bears, heart-shaped balloons, candy. Through her tears, Mercredi notes the day of each item’s arrival. After a week, she dusts them off and sells them cheaply to a vendor who comes by late at night.

Mercredi was born long after the death of Dione. Her mother had been a mourner before her but retired in order to ‘have a life.’ She hadn’t wanted Mercredi to take up the weeping cloth, but Mercredi had been deeply affected by the vids about Dione and about the early mourners. She’d wanted nothing more than to dwell always on that short tragic life, on the love which was given by the many and returned by the One, on the sacrifice which showed the way for future children to thrive.

She did not regret her decision. Yes, unending tears come at a cost, but she keeps herself hydrated. Even when she’s off-duty, her eyes are wet. She doesn’t think she’ll ever learn to stop crying, even if she were to give it up as her mother had done.

But she might have to give it up, because a certain young man won’t stop coming by.

Here he comes again. The boy who makes her smile.

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