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27th January
written by amber


Staring out into the distance, she licked her lips and bared her teeth. The animals were feeding about a mile away. They were noisy and incautious. She knew she could sneak up and take one with no difficulty at all.

She moved carefully through the underbrush, keeping upwind so they would not smell her. They wouldn’t hear her. They called to each other loudly. Their young frolicked at the edge of the herd, while their mothers fed or lounged, paying little attention. They were so stupid, it seemed almost unsporting to eat them.

If she didn’t have young of her own, hidden carefully in their den and well-schooled in the art of staying out of sight, she might leave these ridiculously easy marks alone. But deer ran too fast and squirrels didn’t have enough meat on them and cows were difficult for her to kill.

Someday soon these humans would realize why so many among them were going missing – the children at picnics such as this, the solitary joggers, the old ones as they shuffled home from bingo late at night. But for now, she and her kind had easy pickings.

She moved toward the child she’d chosen.

“Hello, honey,” she said in a soothing voice. “Would you like to see a cute puppy?”

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My appreciation to Sharon Moore-Foster for this first line.