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8th January
written by amber

Born on the Sabbath

Bonny and Blythe were born on a Sunday, Bonny was good and Blythe was gay. Of course, their mother didn’t know this when they were born. She expected them both to be good.

As far as she knew, they were good girls until high school when Blythe began to hang out with a bad crowd, girls with dead black hair and blood red lipstick, torn lacy shirts and high leather boots. Her daughter was a Goff.

“Goth, Mom, it’s Goth. Blythe is a Goth,” Bonny told her, so Mrs. Simon looked it up on the Internet and she didn’t like what she saw.

“Is she doing drugs?” she asked Bonny.

“No, Mom. Her crowd doesn’t believe in polluting their bodies with chemicals.”

Mrs. Simon took another swig of red wine and relaxed a little, then another worry occurred to her. “Is Blythe having sex?”

“What, Mom?” Bonny looked up from the school work she was doing at the kitchen table.

“Is she having sex with boys?”

“No, Mom, she isn’t having sex with boys.”

Two weeks later, when Mrs. Simon caught Bythe cavorting in the guest suite with her friend, both naked except for the various – and surprising – bits of metal pierced through body parts normally hidden by clothing, she wondered if Bonny had deliberately deceived her.

She decided that Bonny hadn’t done so. After all, Bonny was the good one.

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