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17th January
written by amber

What Goes Up

After they built the elevators to the edge of the atmosphere so mining ships could go back and forth to the asteroids without having to deal with gravity, they realized a terrible mistake had been made in the 21st century. That’s when most of the satellites were put into orbit – satellites for telecommunication, for research, for surveillance, for weapon launching. Satellites to look outward at the rest of the universe. Satellites to stare into people’s bedroom windows. Satellites to relay important information or trivial gossip, and no one knew which was which.

Ordinary people paid for it, as always, and now the ordinary people of the 22nd century are paying again.

Just last week Bhaja from my apartment tunnels was taken out by a solar array from a satellite owned by a Danish media conglomerate. Poor guy had ventured out to attend a rally opposing the ‘Strategic Grounding of Space Debris.” In other words, the econolords are shooting the old satellites out of the sky rather than risk having one of their mining ships holed by the floating junk yard up there.

We don’t live underground to be safe from space debris. We live underground because it’s cooler. Another legacy from the era of the spoilers, thank you very much. Not that we don’t have spoilers now, fewer of them, spoiling more, spoiling off-planet, not offering jobs to ordinary people but instead working their robots the way they could never work a real person, and paying them nothing.

Not too many years now, I bet there’ll be dead robots falling out of the sky.

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