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1st January
written by amber


Ella’s eyes travelled across the floor. She saw two men, one tied to a chair, the other standing over him with gun in hand. She recalled her eyes and picked up the tray, then stepped through the doorway into the room.

“Mr. Stack, he told me to bring this to you,” she mumbled, staring at the floor as she set the tray on a rickety table against the wall.

“Who are you?” he demanded. “Where’s Silvie?”

He seized her by the shoulder and dragged her into the hall, shouting, “Stack, what the hell?”

Ella shrugged out of her shoulder, leaving the man holding a flap of skin like an empty sleeve. She turned, morphing one hand into a blade, killed the man quickly and hurried back into the room.

Michael, the prisoner, had slid out of the ropes and lay puddled on the floor.

“Pull yourself together,” Ella snapped, “before someone sees you.”

“I held out until you got here, give me some credit. Had to heal three bullet wounds when they captured me,” he chuckled. “Mr. Stack was thinking his men were mighty poor shooters.”

“What did you find out?”

“He doesn’t suspect a thing. He thinks I’m a spy. All he knows is that I showed up in a restricted area without any identification or reason to be there. But he’s a sub-contractor, out for his own profit. He wanted to see if there was anyone who’d pay him for my release.”

They walked down the hall and into an anteroom where several men lay dead on the floor. Ella asked him, “So you don’t think he sent any information about you to the government yet?”


“Okay, let’s carry on with the mission. He doesn’t know who we are, what we are. He and his men don’t know what they are guarding. Wait a minute.” She stopped short of the door, pushed it open a crack, sent her eyes out to scout. When they returned, she said, “The way’s clear now. Just stay low.”

They ducked down, turned hands to paws and streaked, wolflike, across the frozen courtyard. In the bright moonlight, their elongated shadows sped along beside them. The man at the gate ducked his head to light his cigarette and missed seeing them run toward the castle.

Ella howled when they got near, and their progeny – imprisoned by men who had no idea of their potential threat – howled back.

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