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22nd January
written by amber


Unwisely, Allison had ignored the movement at the side of her eye. Concentration was essential for her to get the most benefit from her morning run. She didn’t look around, she didn’t entertain a thought about the work day in front of her or the domestic chaos behind, she just listened to her music and her heart beat and she ran.

Her vision focused on a small portion of the trail directly in front of her. And on that tiny segment of the trail, there appeared a shadow, stretching long in the slanted morning light. Keeping pace with her.

Few could keep pace with her, so she swivelled her head to see who her companion was.

Tawny, sleek, running silently and easily, the cougar didn’t give her a glance. Allison stumbled but recovered quickly, not breaking stride. Somehow she knew that to break stride would be fatal.

A slower jogger bumbled down the path, not too far ahead. He was to be the prey, Allison realized. Did the cat think they were hunting together, or were they competing for the prize? She took a chance and veered from the trail, and the cougar stayed beside her.

Were they racing?

If so, it felt good.

Allison increased her stride. She began to pant. So did the cougar, but neither slowed.

She felt as if she could run this way forever.

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The first line for this story was supplied by Allison Burgess. Thanks, Allison!