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Amber Hayward

Thank you for visiting my website.  Here you will find excerpts from my three novels, plus some short stories and poems.  You can participate in an on-line book club for either ‘The Healer’ or ‘Darkness of the God.’  The third novel of my trilogy, ‘Stolen Children,’ was delivered to my publisher in late December and will be out this fall.  As soon as details on the book tour are arranged, they’ll be posted here.

The completion of a trilogy is a complex task.  It’s like being stuck in a large sticky spider web.  Each sentence written resonates with everything written before and accuracy is essential.  Over the course of the three novels, as I imagined the evolution of the onças – the hereditary telepathic healers descended from an Amazonian tribe – I recorded details in my ‘bible,’ a document essential to keeping facts, names and dates straight while writing a series of novels.  Most television series with episodes written by different authors use a bible, but even with a single writer, it’s helpful.  More than once I have had the impulse to pull in a minor character from a previous novel in the trilogy, only to check the bible and discover I had already killed that person!

Now that ‘Stolen Children’ is finished, I feel lonely.  The characters have been part of my life for so long, I know I’ll miss them.  The file folders of research cramming my office are adrift – should I pack them away, throw them away?  (Writers never throw anything away.)  Current writing projects include copy for this website, spiffing up some short stories for submission to magazines, and re-reading the three novels in a final check for continuity.  At some point I will hear from my editor about revisions, so I need to keep my brain and desk space open for that.

Sastimos! (Romany for ‘good luck,’ – the salutation I use when I sign ‘Darkness of the God.’)

Amber Hayward