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24th January
written by amber

The Blank Page

I have issues with the blank page. It’s not what you think – I’m not a blocked writer. I’m someone who sees a blank page wherever I look.

A novel – nothing but white pages. The phone book – same thing. Even the letter that I just wrote to my mother (who is too old-fashioned for email) – I can’t see a word that I wrote. But I’ll send it anyhow, because I know my writing is really there. I just can’t see it.

This started a couple of weeks ago, and yes – I have been to a doctor. I’ve had an MRI and a CAT scan – and nothing showed up. And now I have an appointment with a psychiatrist. Eight months from now. On the scale of mental problems, this is pretty low.

But I’ll manage.

If I can’t read, I’ll watch television. If I can’t see the newspaper, I’ll listen to the radio. Work will be more difficult. Email has been outlawed in our office, it’s all memos now, which to me are so many yellow pieces of paper. But the woman at the next desk has been kind enough to agree to read the memos to me. I told her I was waiting for my new bifocals, and I couldn’t get the memos in focus.

At least I can still read things on my com



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Thanks to Karen Stroebel for suggesting this first line.