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15th January
written by amber


It’s a silly thing, something I’ve wanted since I was a young girl. A pleasure that I denied myself for a long time.

Well, at first it was out of the question. I couldn’t afford it. I assumed I’d never be able to afford it. Few people could.

When I won the lottery I could have afforded it, but that would have been selfish, to spend it all on just one thing for myself alone. At the very least, I had to do something for my husband and children. So I bought the water business, and it flourished beyond my expectations.

Suddenly we were numbered among the very rich. And yet there always was something pressing to do with our profits – a larger house, vacations for everyone, an endowment to my husband’s alma mater. And once the grandchildren started coming along, I began to worry the business couldn’t support the demands.

I’m old now and I know that life has been very good to me, but sometimes when I can’t sleep, it’s impossible to avoid thoughts of joys I’ve never experienced. Wonderful things that our ancestors took for granted. Snorkelling on reefs – I could have done that when I was a teenager, but the last reef died while I was in my 20’s. Seeing the Mona Lisa and the other great art in the Louvre – impossible since the terrorist attack in ‘42. Visiting Holland or Iceland. Walking the streets of any major city without wearing a respirator.

However, one longed-for indulgence is possible. Without my family’s knowledge, I sold my shares and watched the speciality auctions, waiting for that one item to be offered. And finally, among the vintage wines and rare Scotch whiskies, there it was. And now I have it, and I intend to consume it all myself, tonight, without ceremony. Just me, in my bedroom, with a spoon and my jar of honey.

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