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25th January
written by amber

Second Thoughts

I would have done it today but yesterday was too late.

I know what you’re thinking – since I have the time machine, why would I have such worries? But the thing is, I know I already did it the day after tomorrow, so I can’t do it again or it’ll cancel itself out. And doing it yesterday is almost the same thing, because if I killed John yesterday, then I wouldn’t have to do it today or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, right?

And if I change my mind and decide I don’t want to kill him after all, then I have to go back to the day before yesterday when I went forward to the day after tomorrow and killed John. But wait, the day after tomorrow on the day before yesterday is today. So maybe I can change my mind today and go down to John’s house and stop myself from killing him.

But – when I killed him, I didn’t see myself trying to stop myself, so obviously, I didn’t do it, right? And if I force something to happen that didn’t actually happen in the first time line, what would happen? Would I die? Would the universe end?

Screw it – my head hurts. I’m going to blow up the time machine and then kill myself.

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I’d like to thank watercolour artist and instructor, Bob Sinclair, for the first line that caused this convoluted story.