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2nd January
written by amber

Monday’s Child is Fair of Face

Hey, Monday, I figured out how you got your name. I was reading your records on my Mom’s computer.

Yes, she does. She does too. She lets me use her computer all the time. It’s only you fosters who aren’t allowed to.

Your mother named you Monday because you were born on a Monday.

I do too know that. You were born on Aug. 18, 1997, that was a Monday. And your mother couldn’t think of a name for you, so she just named you after the day of the week. Real creative. And then she dumped you.

Oh, yeah? Do you remember her? Your records say you were abandoned at three months. No one remembers anything when they’re that young.

No, you can’t look at your records. I told you, fosters aren’t allowed to touch Mom’s computer. And don’t bother trying to sneak into her office when she’s asleep or something. She’s got a password and she let me know what it is but no way am I going to tell you it.

Hey, cut that out! That might work on Gerry, he’s too dumb to know you’re just coming on to him so he’ll give you cigarettes. You think you’re so hot and all but I’m not giving you the password so forget it!

I am not! You’re a slut! Everyone says you are. That’s why they kicked you out of the last place.

Yeah, it says that in your records. It says, “Monday has an unfortunate skill at using her good looks and insincere friendliness to disrupt the progress we’ve made with the boys in our care and thus we feel compelled to seek another placement for her.”

Uh huh, that’s exactly what it said. I have a really good memory. And you know what else? I heard my Mom saying to my Dad that he’s not supposed to drive you to your therapist appointments any more, you’ll have to take the bus.

You know why. We all saw you last week, scooting over to sit right beside him and touching his hair like that. Gerry saw you, the twins saw you, even Carol wheeled her chair right up to the window and she saw you too. You do it every week and we watch you every week. And my Mom saw us looking out the window, so she saw you too. So if you don’t stop acting like that, it’s going to be goodbye, Monday, and none of us will care.

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