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7th January
written by amber

Saturday’s Child Works Hard for a Living

It’s Saturday and I’m working again. They always give me the Saturday shift, even though I’ve worked here longer than most of the other girls. But Jodie has little kids so she can’t work weekends and Barb is juggling two jobs, weekdays here and weekends at a bar. Angela was hired two weeks ago and the boss was so desperate to get more staff, he promised the girl her weekends off.

And that leaves me. All by myself at the Galactic Salon.

Oh, it’s a brave new world, our life on this exodus ship. En route to Kepler 14. A collection of bright, healthy, wealthy or well- sponsored young people set out five years ago. A balanced society was planned for the journey and for the settlement of the new planet. They thought of everything – doctors, scientists, leaders, educators, engineers, farmers and cooks, cleaners.

Someone forgot to think about hairdressers. Did they think everyone would depilate their heads and go bald? They didn’t even bring good scissors. I’ve looked with longing, too many times, at the hair cutting scissors I see on ShipNet. I bug Anthony, an engineer I know, to fabricate some for us, but metal is at a premium. We’ve improvised curlers and worked out a recipe for hair spray, but we have no hair dryers or curling irons or any kind of permanent hair dye. So most of our magic has to be done with hacking away with the scissors we scrounged from school and office supplies and cornstarch hair gel and plastic curlers.

Today I have five cuts, one trim and a styling for a bride. I know I’ll be dead on my feet by 2, but I won’t be finished until 5 at least.

And I have to keep on reminding myself that I chose to do this, just to keep from being bored on the voyage. Not much work for a geologist until we arrive at Kepler 14.

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