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23rd July
posted by amber

Ship Cat IV

Cutie loves her kittens. They’re pink and they float around. Most of the time they’re invisible, but she can see them sometimes, when they want her to. She expected to have to feed them, but after they were born, the tingling and swelling in her teats went away. All they seem to need is to snuggle with her and push up against the light bars for a while every day.

Brad and Colleen have no idea that the kittens are there. The kittens never reveal their pink translucent selves when the humans are in the room. Cutie knows that Colleen will soon have kittens of her own, but she doesn’t know if they also will be pink and insubstantial.

Brad is very angry with Colleen these days. He accuses her of eating all the bacon.

“There were two whole boxes the last time I looked!”

“Even if there were, it wasn’t enough to last all the way to Kepler-11.”

“So what? When I finished eating it, it’d be gone and I’d know it, but now you’ve eaten it all without even warning me. You said you didn’t like bacon!”

“Maybe I didn’t eat it. Maybe I hid it.”

And now Brad’s been looking all over for the bacon. He even found the nest Cutie made out of shredded bits of paper and ripped pieces of cloth. That made him even more angry, because some of the fabric had come from the stuffed toy he uses to comfort himself when he feels lonely and too far from home.

Cutie’s sure he would have hurt her if he’d been able to find her, but the kittens helped her float up to the light, invisibly.

“When I find that damn cat, I’m going to punt her out the airlock,” Brad had threatened. Cutie didn’t feel safe enough to come down until Colleen found him some bits of bacon she’d saved in the back of the freezer.

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This story is a continuation of Stories 38, 48 and 67.

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