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6th July
written by amber

Ship Cat III

“That cat is going weird on us,” Brad says, watching Cutie from the table where he’s eating bacon.

Colleen lounges in a hammock, reading her tablet. She scowls at her shipmate. “Brad, do you know we’re down to less than 10 percent of our bacon, and we’re not even half way there?”

“I don’t want to talk about bacon. I want to talk about the cat. Do you think she’s getting fat? She eats all the time.”

Colleen pulls herself out of the hammock, slams her tablet onto the table. Cutie winces but does not move away from her kibble dispenser. “You’re just trying to draw attention from your own gluttony, Brad. Leave the poor cat alone. That doppelganger field was harder on her than it was on us.  At least we could understand what was going on.”

“We saw our future – or maybe our past – selves. But we still don’t know why. Or if there were any harmful side effects.”

“We scan as perfectly healthy. What other tests can we do?”

“I don’t know. Something’s different. You’re moody as hell and you’re eating too much, just like the cat. If you hadn’t had that operation before the mission started, I’d swear you were on the rag.”

“Very sensitive, Brad. Didn’t you take some EQ training before the mission? Geez, you make me sick.” Colleen rushes out of the room, looking truly ill, leaving Brad scratching his head as he heads for the freezer and grabs more bacon.

He glares at Cutie, so she dashes down the hall, back to the storage room where she’s gathered shredded bits of paper and ripped pieces of cloth. Both Brad and Colleen will be angry with her for this destruction of their property, but she needs to make a nest for the little ones soon to arrive.

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This story is a continuation of Stories 38 and 48.