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1st July
written by amber

The Trunk

I knew it was pretty bad when I couldn’t feel my toes. Couldn’t tell if I was moving them. But I didn’t think it was that bad because I wasn’t in all that much pain. Mostly what hurt was my forehead. The airbag kept me from banging into the windshield, but something had hit me above the eye. It stung, and blood was dripping down my nose.

Help arrived quickly. Other drivers stopped, discussed what to do with me. “Don’t move him,” one person said, and I wanted to agree, but I couldn’t talk. Maybe my jaw was broken. “What if the car blows up?” someone else asked, and the first person, I think it was a woman, said, “That only happens in movies.”

But after that, my whole attention focused on the smell of gas and how hot it seemed to be getting inside the car. I couldn’t stop obsessing about that until I heard the ambulance’s siren. There were two ambulance workers, a man and a woman. They introduced themselves to me. I couldn’t tell them my name, but one of the people who was already there said he’d found my driver’s license attached to my sun visor and that he thought my name was Ted.

I tried to nod. Couldn’t. Started to get upset about that, but Tracy, the female ambulance worker, was very reassuring. “Ted, we’re going to get you out of this car. There are three firemen here right now who will cut your car apart with a great big can opener.”

And she asked me to squeeze her hand if I understood. “Don’t worry if you can’t feel my hand,” she said. “That’s pretty normal in this situation.”

I couldn’t feel her hand, but it felt as if I was squeezing, and she seemed happy. She wiped the blood out of my eyes and told me that she and JJ were going to take good care of me.

They handled me, but I didn’t feel much. I heard them cut my pant leg. I saw a needle but didn’t feel the poke. They jostled my head a bit when they stabilized my neck with a big plastic collar, and they put a bandage on the cut on my forehead. I began to feel really relaxed, and I seemed to float up into the air, to see the entire scenario from a height. And it did look peaceful, almost choreographed, everyone doing exactly what they were supposed to be doing.

I was supposed to be lying there, not worrying. Tracy had told me, “Don’t worry about a thing.” But from my high vista, I noticed something – the trunk of my car. Panic slammed into my chest. What if someone opened the trunk? What if they found what was in there?

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