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20th July
written by amber

Dark Road

We’ll be home soon, okay? We’ll be home soon.

Why do I always say things twice to the dog? Do I think she’ll understand me better if I say everything twice? And let’s face it, she’s not the one who needs reassuring tonight.

The road is dark and my lights are dim. Something’s wrong with the battery. Realistically, I should turn around and head back to town, but I just want to get home tonight. Deal with car repairs tomorrow. Deal with everything tomorrow.

Tonight, I want to see the porch light on. Let my porch light shine. But did I remember to leave it on? I left in such a hurry. Plans to do banking, buy groceries, use the internet at the library to contact my mother – all out the window. Because of the phone call.

The lawyer. The papers finally ready to sign.

Then, half the things I thought she’d agreed to are not there. Yes, I get the cabin, but that’s about all. Visitation with Amalie cut to half what I expected. Patty earns more than I do, but when we signed the pre-nup, I earned more, so she gets half my wages. Love makes you blind.

Worst of all, she gets the dog. She lives in the damn city and the dog loves the country. Patty bought Taffy, but I raised her, I took her to obedience classes, I took her to the vet.

So what do I do? Run? Follow this dark road into the unknown? But I’m not as reckless as I was when I left my husband for Patty, so I guess tomorrow I’ll throw a big goodbye party for Taffy.

And after that, my road looks very dark indeed.

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This story was inspired by the blues song, Dark Road, by Floyd Jones.