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28th July
written by amber

A Parting of Ways

He took her to Banff for their honeymoon. He wanted her to enjoy everything that he loved. They walked five kilometres down the trail to a wilderness campsite. He carried most of the weight. He didn’t want anything to mar this experience for her.

But she complained about sleeping on the hard ground, even though he gave her both sleeping pads. She complained about the mosquitos. She obsessed about bears. The next morning she wanted to go back to town and check into a nice hotel.

He’d wanted her to see the view from the cliffs above the river, so he begged her to go just a little further, promising they’d return to town on a shortcut after that, and he’d carry everything.

But the trail above the river frightened her and she refused to set foot on it.

He was a little annoyed with her by then, and he told her that he wanted to take some photos of the rapids below the highest portion of the cliff. He showed her where the trail forked, showed her an inland trail nowhere near the precipitous drop-off.

“Wait for me where the trails meet,” he told her. A few minutes apart, he reasoned, would cool his unreasonable anger.

He strode along quickly as he readied his camera, changing lenses while he walked. He stepped right over the few pieces of brush laid down to alert hikers that the trail ahead had slumped. He stepped right over the edge of the cliff.

As he plunged, he felt most stricken about the fact that she’d be waiting and waiting for him at the crossroads, growing more and more worried.

She experienced the same thoughts as the bear took her life.

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