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27th July
written by amber

Gimme Some Lovage

I don’t want no woman to feed me. I don’t need no woman to feed me. I’ll feed myself. I’ve got a garden – peas, corn, squash. The okra didn’t come up. Well, the okra did come up, but it died. I don’t know why.

I got lots of herbs. The house, it belonged to someone else before me. I didn’t know what was gonna grow. I didn’t know what was gonna come up.

Parsley I recognized. I’ve seen it in the grocery store. Chives too I’ve seen before, with their pink flowers.

Something with little leaves and a strong taste. Took it to the market. Thyme, they said. For spaghetti and such like.

Rosemary I got. One restaurant I liked to go to used to stick it in the middle of the mashed potatoes. Never did get that. Was I supposed to eat it?

Can’t afford no restaurant no more. My last album didn’t sell well. The gigs dried up after what happened in Mobile. Misty took everything I had left. The money and my son.

She said he wasn’t my son. She said he wasn’t mine. I never believed that.

The big plant in my garden, my grandmother’s garden, I had no idea what it was. Some kind of flower, I thought, but my auntie told me it was a herb.


Use it in salads. Use it in soups. Tastes like childhood. Tastes like freedom and hope. Tastes like my father saying, “Go ahead, try to pluck that there guitar, son.”

Tastes like what I thought I had.

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