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26th July
written by amber

Nothing but Crocs

I took a long time getting ready in the van, but finally the moment had come. I slid open the door and stepped down onto the pavement.

Yow! The pavement was really hot. I snatched my bare foot back into the van and slammed the door shut. I’d been prepared for so many things – embarrassment, harassment, even legal difficulties, but pain had not been on my agenda. My life had enough pain already, thank you very much.

I decided that wearing my crocs would not take away from the impression I intended to make, so I put them on and stepped out again.

No one noticed as I ran across the parking lot, but a nice fellow held a door open for me at the front entrance to the mall. He held it until he noticed what I was (or wasn’t) wearing, then he let go and turned away, but I was already through.

First I ran toward Safeway and did a loop around the gourmet cheese island before heading back toward Walmart. As I went past, old ladies blushed and averted their eyes, people came out of the shops to stare. One woman with a little girl pressed the child against her sweat pants to keep her from seeing me.

At Walmart, as I ran around a display of plastic storage bins in pastel colours, I saw the first official response – a man in a suit walking purposefully toward me. A manager? A loss-prevention officer? But I was already on my way back down the mall.

Many more clerks and customers from the various stores were lined up for a better view by then, but the dentist’s office had no one at the doorway when I ran inside. The receptionist glanced up from staring at her computer, looked back down again, then did a classic double-take.

She saw that I was naked. She saw that she knew me. But I was past her and down the hall before she could warn Barbara with her shout, “Barbie, your ex-husband’s here again.”

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This story was triggered by a real event that reportedly happened at the mall in Hinton a few days ago.