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29th July
written by amber

My Mother

I hate my mother.

My mother is dead.

Well, she’s not truly dead, just missing, but she’s been missing since I was 4 years old and I’m 13 now, so I’m pretty sure she’s dead.

Mawmaw, my granny, she raised me, and don’t you dare tell her that I think my mom’s dead, she’d freak out. When I came to live with her, I had to sleep in a closet, because my mom’s room was exactly the same as it had been when she left home, and it’s exactly the same way still. And I sleep in a corner of the front room now and I’m only allowed to go into my mother’s room if I need to spend some quiet time and think about my mother and the way she would want me to behave.

And I don’t ever think I need that sort of quiet time, but lots of times Mawmaw thinks that I do.

I don’t remember my mother, but I do remember the first few years I was here at Mawmaw’s house. Cry, cry, cry. Crying all the time. And if I wanted to play or something, it was ‘disrespectful.’ I was supposed to cry all the time like she was.

And whatever memory I might have had of my mother – ‘cuz I was 4, you could remember things from that age, right? – were wiped right out by the way she talked about my mom all the time, saying things about the way she was when she was a girl, and showing me pictures of her, saying, “Never forget.” But that made me forget.

And Mawmaw still cries a lot, and she says I’m a cold person ‘cuz I don’t, and I keep trying to remember one little memory of her and me, ‘cuz everyone, not just Mawmaw says she was a real good mother, and she loved me a lot.

But her memory’s gone, just like she is, and she’d better be dead ‘cuz if she isn’t, then I hate her even more than I do now.

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