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14th July
written by amber

Jessie Gets Her Hopes Up

I allowed myself to be happy, despite my misgivings. Jonah was the bad boy when I was in high school, walking down the hallways with his gang, talking loudly, laughing, suffering not an iota of the teenage angst the rest of us suffered. One on one, he could be nice and that’s why I liked him, but it was a pivotal moment in my life when I called to ask him to go to a dance with me and he laughed. I could hear his buddies in the background, laughing too.

I learned not to trust guys like that, those popular golden boys, eternally young, never serious about anything. Too bad I didn’t recognize in time that the professor I got involved with in university was simply an older version of the same golden boy.

And now Jonah comes back into my life, and he’s in a wheelchair, and he seems serious about getting on with his life – getting fit, participating in sports, dating me. But he hasn’t said a word about employment, come to think of it.

And it looks as if I’ll have a lot of time to think about Jonah’s short-comings. He came to my aid when that pest, Steven, cornered me in a parking lot after crashing my birthday party, so I agreed to go on a date with him. My plan was to tell him why I had said no to all his previous date requests and why I’d say no to all future ones: that just because he’s had a bad accident doesn’t cause him to be a different person from the one who set the gold standard for me of the type of guy not to date.

And, damn it, he charmed me. He remembered that silly party game when we were in grade three, when we played bride and groom.

And I agreed to go out with him again, to a blues bar with fantastic music, one of my favorite places. And I got all dressed up and I even told my girlfriends that I was finally going out with Jonah. And I was looking forward to it.

I wasn’t surprised when he was late. It can’t be easy for him. But then he was two hours late and now he’s four hours late and it’s midnight, and I should go to bed. And I shouldn’t cry from disappointment, or from anger.

But I am.

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