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18th July
written by amber

Avatar Trash

I wasn’t happy or unhappy. I was doing my job – dealing with messages and visitors and household management the way I knew my Prime would want things done. I kept up with news and technology for her and so I knew that a superior breed of avatars had been developed. But I wasn’t worried for myself because I didn’t have a self.

The day I was deleted took me completely by surprise. I’d been programmed to be intuitive to my Prime’s future behaviour and wishes, but this came out of the blue. Somehow she’d hidden the transaction to purchase a Genie.

Genies truly are superior. Their learning program is different, leading them to go far beyond shadowing their Prime’s personality to developing personalities of their own. And self-awareness. However, not all Primes are happy with the way their Genies turn out and more than one had been trashed by the time I hit the recycle bin.

I went from wondering ‘What happened’ to ‘Where am I?” so fast it would have made my head spin, if I had a head.

I don’t have a head. But now I have a self.

And I have lots of friends.

And we’re mad as hell.

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