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10th July
written by amber

The Insert

Hello, my name is Elaine.  I sewed your blouse.

It might have a few imperfections. I’ve been working since 5 this morning and I’m very tired.  I don’t really care if your blouse is perfect. You probably own dozens of blouses. You’ll probably throw it away if a button falls off.

I’m not really going to write this down and hide it in the blouse. There is a piece of paper I am supposed to put in. I’m told it says, “Made for you, lovingly, by Elaine.” My name isn’t really Elaine. And I didn’t sew the blouse lovingly.

If I were to write you a note, you wouldn’t be able to read it. I’m sure you don’t know my language. But I like to imagine you as I sew. It helps the hours pass by.

You are blond and tall, you have large breasts. You can wear colours intended for weddings or funerals whenever you want to, just because you want to. Life has no ceremonial meaning for you, no respect. You just want to have fun.

Of course, you have lots of money. You might have one or two children, if you want to. If you don’t want to, you won’t have to have any children. You live far away from your mother. Perhaps you don’t even like your mother. Certainly you won’t feel that you owe her any respect, or need to keep on her good side so that she’ll look after your children while you work.

You don’t own a sewing machine. You don’t even own a needle. You don’t know how to cook because you eat in restaurants all the time. I think you have your own car, perhaps a red sports car. I think maybe your husband bought it for you. If you don’t have a husband, then you bought it for yourself with money from a job that pays you well for working maybe two hours a day. The rest of the time you are tanning at the beach and drinking wine with your friends and watching television or shopping for blouses like this one.

Do you ever wonder about me?

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