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8th July
written by amber

A Mystery

Someone died. Who did it?

It could have been his ex-mistress, so recently dumped. She had the velvet rope, used once for different purposes, ready to strangle him, but she lost her nerve.

It could have been his wife. When he promised to break up with his latest mistress, it was too little, too late.  She waited for him to return from a drink with his business partner. She waited with the gun he’d bought her for protection. But he looked so ill when he returned, she decided to wait one more day.

It could have been his former business partner, who’d been virtually stabbed in the back. They met for a drink to show there were no hard feelings, but there were. The former business partner brought a powerful drug to slip into his drink. He’d tipped it in when the cheque appeared on the booze-stained table. “Hope this makes you feel a little better.” It did. He picked up the cheque before ‘accidentally’ knocking over the drink.

It could have been the cook. She’d been his first mistress, back when she was the maid in his parents’ home, back when he was already engaged to his future wife. Financial compensation and the promise of a scholarship for her unborn child kept her with the family; that and nearness to him, an addiction she could never overcome, to her shame. Now, her son has turned to crime due to lack of a father figure and she is consumed with hatred. She had the rat poison ready to go into his soup, when she heard his frail wife say, “I think I’ll try some soup today,” so the cook decided to bide her time.

It could not have been his children, not yet. They love their father, dispenser of cash and gifts and holidays. They keep in his good graces, expecting to inherit well. When they discover that his bad investments have cost them everything, they’ll want to kill him. But they’ll be too late.

He has killed himself.

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