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22nd July
written by amber

Jonah in Limbo

When I woke, I had no idea where I was or what had happened to me. My head hurt and when I realized I couldn’t move my legs, I began to thrash around in a panic until the memory seeped back – whatever was wrong with me now, the legs hadn’t worked before.

I forced myself to breathe slowly and assess the situation. Nothing was broken.  I was someplace dark and damp, someplace echoey. Like a cave. I wriggled around and patted the walls of the cave and found they described a nearly perfect circle, maybe six feet across. Not a cave then. I was in a well.

How did I end up in a well?

I tried to recreate my day, remembered eating the last of the Timbits for breakfast, washed down with microwaved coffee. I’d been to Physio, and so it had to be Thursday.


Thursday was the day I was going out with Jessie. Our first real date. I’d made reservations at Back to the Bayou.

Now I was in a well and it had to be night, otherwise I’d be seeing some light from above.

I remembered showering, getting dressed for the date. I remembered coming out the door and having trouble opening it for some reason. Then the door seemed to attack me, slamming against me when I was half-way through.

That was ridiculous – doors don’t attack people. My head hurt, but I concentrated and a flash of clarity returned. The thought, “What’s he doing here?”

I couldn’t put a face to the memory, but there was one he I’d suspect before anyone else. That creep who was trying to force himself on Jessie the night I came to her aid.

I’d been worried he’d continue to harass her, but it seemed he’d turned his attention my way.

He thought I was helpless, doomed at the bottom of a well. He doesn’t know that I can rock climb. I just hope to hell that I can climb out of this well.

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