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16th July
posted by amber

Dog My Cat

I’m not asking for much. I just want a touch. It would be great if he’d come when I call. And if he’d fetch things, that would be so cool.

I don’t want his appearance changed substantially, but I do like a longer snout, you know, a bit of border collie, and floppy ears, spaniel ears.

How many genes did you say? That many? And it’s still $9000 per gene? No volume discount?

Can you make it so he sleeps all night long? Dogs do that, don’t they? I tell you, between midnight and day, he’s a pest. A real midnight rambler. He slept a lot when he was a kitten, but now he sleeps all day and is up all night, and it’s no thrill for me when he’s prowling around on the bed or yowling at the door. He was a cute kitten but now the thrill is gone.

Of course it would be cheaper to just buy a dog. But my wife wanted a cat and she loved the cat and I kind of got used to the cat and the kids would hate me if I got rid of the cat now, you know, that she’s gone. He’s a good cat, he just needs some tweaks. He’s everything I need in a pet, almost.

But if he’d come when I call and give me some loving when I need it, not when he deigns to be nice and cuddly, that’s the most important thing.

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This story was inspired by Harry Manx, who is performing this weekend at Hinton’s Wild Mountain Music Festival.

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