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30th October
posted by amber


Is there anything more pathetic than old people with old dogs?

Take the Neudorfs in the fifth wheel next to mine. There they go now – he with his cane and she with her walker and the dog, Poopsie, being dragged along, barely able to keep up. He’s stubby legged and presents a pushed-in wrinkled face – some kind of bulldog? I’m sure they’d tell me if I asked. They pull the dog from pillar to tree, pleading, “Come on, Poopsie, do your business.”

That’s the dog’s main problem – constipation. But believe me, he has no trouble passing gas. They have me over for coffee from time to time and the emanations can bring tears to your eyes. They could strip paint.

The dog’s also deaf, deaf to their pleadings and truly deaf too, as is Mr. Neudorf whose hearing aids are the old fashioned kind, prone to high-pitched squealing that torments everyone but him. And Mrs. Neudorf is way overdue for her cataract operation.

A great set – the three of them.

But even more pathetic are the Joys in the bumper pull on the other side of me. There they go now – he hobbling along with his bad hip, she pulling her oxygen cart, calling, “Misty! Misty!” – the perdoodle or whatever pup, dancing just out of reach with Mrs. Joy’s purse in his mouth, tail wagging a mile a minute.

Nothing is more pathetic than old people with young dogs.

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  1. mary bond

    Dear Amber How observant you are!

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