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16th October
written by amber

Six Trains to Nowhere

1. Freda boarded the train in Mississauga every morning and travelled to Toronto where she no longer had a job, but she hadn’t confessed this to her husband, so she spent her days at the library or art gallery and travelled home each night in time for dinner.

2. Brittany was fed up with the restrictions her mother imposed on her – it wasn’t as if her mother was a saint or anything so why wouldn’t she allow Brittany to take Ecstasy and pot? Her friends dared her to cut loose, and Brittany took the dare. She jumped into an empty freight car in the railyard and took off for parts unknown.

3. Esther put on her gold slippers and shuffled out of the nursing home. For once, the attendants didn’t notice her escape and she was able to get all the way to the LRT station where she boarded the city train without buying a ticket. She had no idea where she was going, but she was very happy.

4. Esme and Cecil boarded the new-fangled steam train with trepidation. They had heard it would exceed 30 miles per hour in speed, and no one knew what would happen at such extreme acceleration.

5. Exhausted after their day at work, none of the commuters noticed that the train travelled much further than usual between stations and descended at a far steeper angle than usual. “End of line” the loudspeaker announced, so they dutifully shuffled onto the platform, looking around after the cars had departed. None of them recognised the stalactite-filled, over-heated cavern where they found themselves.

6. Barb and Thom robbed a bank in Edmonton and walked down the street afterwards, cool as cucumbers. They hailed a cab which took them to the train station where they bought a ticket on the next train. Assuming they’d gotten away scot-free, they were a little too free with their ill-gotten gains, lolling in their room with money and gun in plain view of anyone who walked down the corridor. The other passengers notified the conductor who called the RCMP. In the middle of Saskatchewan in the middle of the night, the train was stopped for many hours on a siding (not an unusual occurrence) and the other passengers tiptoed toward the front of the train, leaving the last few cars inhabited only by the robbers. The front of the train separated and steamed away, leaving the thieves surrounded by police.

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Thank you to my son, Jonathan Hayward, for suggesting the first line.