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3rd October
written by amber

After Midnight

I was waiting at the station after midnight in the rain. I was waiting on the platform for the eastbound Via train. But my baby didn’t step off, didn’t greet me, didn’t come. So I gathered up the flowers and the chocolates and the kisses and my pride and went back home again.

It was a lonely old house that night, and a lonely old house the whole next day. She didn’t call me on the telephone, she didn’t write. But she tweeted me.

“Baby, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to hurt you but I met another man. I know you won’t understand but he needs me and I need him. I’m so sorry. You’ll find someone else, I’m sure.”

I’d suspected it all along – there was another mule kicking in my stall. That faithless woman had cut me to the core. She stomped all over my heart. She did me wrong.

I’d never actually met her but she was the best baby I ever had. I knew I had to move on, had to get back in a groove, had to look for love again. So I went back online, to the same place I met her – Blues Addicts Seeking Women to Hurt Them.

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