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26th October
written by amber

At the Airport

The little boy in front of me in the airport line-up was staring at my chest, eyes wide, mouth gaping.

“Harold! Stop staring!” his mother said sharply.

“But Mom, her boobs are-”

“Harold!” She slapped a hand across his mouth and apologized to me, looking at my face, pointedly not at my breasts. If she hadn’t been so restrained, she would have seen that Harold had a point – my breasts were writhing.

Amal had promised me that the sedative wouldn’t wear off until I was through customs and safely in the car with my contact. He’d told me to act natural.

But how can a girl act natural with 17 baby mambas doing the mamba in her bra?

“Baby mambas aren’t as poisonous,” Amal had told me. But already the skin of my breasts was prickling as if being pierced by 17 tiny serpentine mouths. Was the poison from 17 infant snakes as toxic as the deadly bite from one adult?

Amazingly, I was still alive when I finally reached the front of the cue, waiting behind the red line to see which agent would beckon me forward. Would I stand a better chance with the woman who might not be inclined to look at my breasts or with the male agent who might appreciate the double D required to smuggle the snakes but resist sexist behaviour and look away before noticing their unnatural movement?

The irony behind my predicament? I’d agreed to perform this illegal act to raise the money to pay for breast augmentation surgery.

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