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20th October
written by amber

The Game of House

I got home from school and started playing the Game of House, just grinding away to raise my status. I got ten points for putting my dirty clothes into the washer, and 20 for vacuuming the living room. And I got 100 points for cleaning the bathroom.

Plus, when I told House I’d cleaned the bathroom, she told me that was today’s Sweet Spot, and so I got 20 extra points. I decided to go back and clean it better, ‘cuz when Mom gets home and sees how many points I got, she’ll check and I could get docked for doing a crummy job.

Our House is Smart, but if it was smarter, it could tell how good I did my jobs. But at least it is Smart. My friend Cody doesn’t have a Smarthouse, but his mom still wants him to play the Game of House, with the points written on a chart instead of on a Smartwall. Which is really stupid.

Our bathroom’s usually the Sweet Spot, and it gets higher points the longer we wait to clean it. So you’d think it would pay off to ignore it as long as possible. But…whoever cleans it first gets all the points and the other players get docked the same amount. Mom and Dad were each losing 100 points today. Mom especially would be in jeopardy. She got all full of herself at Thursday’s Trivia Question and wagered half of her points. And she was wrong!

I’m closing in on her for the Dauphin level. If I bump her out of that, I’ll have access to more rewarding jobs, like Shopping and even Bill Paying. And Mom would take over my role of Serf.

Of course, what I’m really aiming at is to be Supreme even though I worry a lot about the Challenge. Mom was Supreme for a long time, but Dad worked hard and collected enough points to Challenge her. As the Defendant, she got to choose the event – she chose Grocery Shopping, and she could not believe it when Dad won. Dad will probably chose Small Repairs or Feng Shui, but I’m intending to surprise him. I’ve been studying those things, and anything else I suspect he might throw at me.

It’ll be so sweet when I’m Supreme.

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