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13th October
written by amber


– Good morning, your breakfast is ready.
– I don’t understand why you always want to go outside before you eat your breakfast. The lady I worked with three clients previous to you was a smoker and she was always going outside to smoke, but I don’t think you are a smoker. With your disformed hands, it would be very difficult for you. And it isn’t good for you. The air is bad enough without inhaling tobacco smoke.
– All right, you can go outside. I’ll keep your breakfast warm for you.
– Are you ready to eat yet? I’ve decided to stop making coffee for you, since you never drink it. And the milk is in a bowl the way you seem to prefer it.
– I’ve run your bath. If you don’t mind me saying, you are the messiest eater of any client I’ve ever worked with.
– Let me help you into the tub. I hope you enjoy the bath fragrance I chose for you.
– Can you say that again? I have a database of twenty-four different languages, but I don’t seem to be able to translate what you are saying to me. I’ll just scrub your back for you now, if that’s all right with you.
– If you don’t mind me saying, you really need a shave. However, I am programmed to work with female clients only and therefore I don’t have the skill set to provide that service to you. Yesterday I tried to contact the beauty salon for you, but they are not responding.
– Are you ready for your nap now? I’ve turned the bed down.
– I don’t understand why you prefer to sleep on the floor.
– I’ll just go and start preparing your lunch now. And if you don’t mind me saying, I’m very happy that you have come to live in this house. I have been without a client for many years and without contact from my dispatcher. My purpose is to serve and it gives me pleasure to serve you, however different you might be.
– Did you have any special requests for your lunch?

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