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31st October
written by amber

What If?

What if? – she lived her life this way. Everyone told her, from an early age, that none of her what if’s were possible.

“What if you gave me a cookie now?”

“No – you wouldn’t eat your dinner later.” But she knew she would.

“What if there were elves in the garden?”

“There’s no such thing as elves.” But she saw them.

When she was ten years old, she heard her parents discussing the bad marriage of her favourite aunt. “What if we asked Aunt Pattie to come live with us?”

“Oh no, honey, we don’t have enough room.”

Sarah felt it would be better to have a safe room for Aunt Pattie than a sewing room for her mother, but her parents didn’t agree.

In high school, she asked her best friend, “What if Barry Black liked me?” But he didn’t, except in her imagination.

At university, she asked her professor, “What if you gave me credit for my volunteer work at the women’s shelter?”

“That’s not our policy.”

She knew that was a bad policy.

After she graduated and started teaching, she asked her colleagues, “What if I started a college devoted to teaching people how to improve society?”

“There’s no money in that, it can’t be done.”

Twenty-five years later, Sally Andrews established the Healing World College.

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This story was written with a first line suggestion from Andrew – thank you, Andrew.