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9th October
written by amber


It’s a beautiful day. I can smell Thanksgiving dinner cooking as I sit here staring out the window enjoying the view of golden and red autumn leaves against a startlingly blue sky. I am more than content.

I don’t know if it’s the tryptophan – can you get tryptophan just by smelling it? – but I’m feeling sleepy. After dinner, I’ll listen to a chapter or two of my current book-on-tape, then it’ll be time for bed. I suspect I’ll sleep well tonight. But for now, it’s enough to be warm and comfortable here in front of the window, recalling so many wonderful things of my life. Feeling thankful for them.

My children. My own childhood – it was a happy time. Life was simple, and I know now that it was difficult for my parents. We didn’t have much money and they had a lot of worries, but I was oblivious. Playing and learning and growing, as children are supposed to do. After university, I worked at a job that satisfied me, didn’t stifle my soul the way many people’s jobs turn out to do. And travel. I saw so many fantastic places, did so many neat things. Hiking, snorkelling, volunteering, learning. My husband and I borrowed money to go on some of those trips, we took time off work without pay. It was that important to us. It’s as if we knew we didn’t have all the time in the world to do it.

I hear my husband and the children eating their dinner now. They’ll take me back to the home after the meal. I wish I could tell them what this day has meant to me. I wish I could talk, or at least write. But I’m incommunicado, stuck here with my thankful thoughts, hoping that – like the tryptophan – they spread their influence mystically, through the air.

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