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12th October
written by amber

One For the Little Girl

I hate the way I look. I cringe every time I look into a mirror. It’s not so much my body. My body’s okay, or at least well-disguised by good clothing. It’s my face. So stupid and ugly.

I see in the magazines what the standards of beauty are, and I’m about as far from that as possible. And I know, I know, considering my origins, how could I ever expect anything different? It’s just that what I am – inside – doesn’t show on the outside.

And then there’s my hair. So curly, dense and oily. I truly can do nothing with it. And it grows so fast and they don’t schedule hairdresser appointments for me often enough, so I’m always having to hold it back with clips or else it would be hanging down in my eyes.

Yes, I’m not about beauty. I’m not completely sure what I am about, but I know I’m smart and I wish I didn’t have this stupid-looking face. I think I surprise them by how smart I am. I’m a ton smarter than my parents, and don’t even talk about my grandparents. But I’ve read magazine articles talking about people who are much more intelligent than their parents, so why are they so surprised?

If they’d let me use the internet, I bet I could find out lots of things about intelligence and other topics as well. Plastic surgery for example. I know they’re worried that I’ll learn things about myself. But I already know, and don’t ask me to reveal my source, that I’m the product of more than a million generations of accelerated evolution, accomplished over nearly 20 years. I know what I am, I just don’t know what I’m for. Somehow I don’t think I’ll be going out to pasture like my grandparents or to a sheltered apartment like my parents.

Dr. Moss says I’m going to meet a little girl this afternoon, and he’s been providing me with lots of books about childcare. I certainly hope I’m not to be a nanny. I am not a goat.

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This story came about because my mother, Mary Bond, suggested a tale about ‘pulling the wool over one’s eyes.”