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28th October
written by amber

Nurturing 3000

My wife’s therapist says she needs to have a baby. Nothing else will cure her from the depression which has eclipsed more and more of her life, her personality and our relationship over the last two years.
In retrospect, I can see that it started when we had our first child. Annie is a vibrant young woman, a credit to any set of parents but I noticed Cheryl displayed a certain coolness to our daughter during the Bonding Year.
I wasn’t too worried. It’s well-known that this happens sometimes. A wife, no matter how welcome the offspring, has difficulty adjusting to the presence of another woman in the household. Perhaps we should have had our son first. I was confident things would be better when Darryl was delivered.
But it was worse.
Annie left for her job on the new Saturn-orbital station, Darryl moved in and Cheryl stepped further away from being her former self. It became necessary to send Darryl to a foster family for most of his Bonding Year. I doubt he’ll ever forgive us.
Cheryl wasn’t suited for motherhood, I told myself. She’ll bounce back and return to her job and her interests, to me, I told myself. I certainly didn’t expect her to start crying day and night because she ‘missed her children.’
Annie isn’t coming back from Saturn and Darryl isn’t coming back from his new family and now the therapist tells me that Cheryl needs a baby to nurture. We can’t afford a baby. It’s not legal to keep them infantile forever, but the yearly upgrade to a larger and more capable body is expensive and also it’s commonly felt that it’s unethical to retard the intellectual and emotional growth our cy-brains are capable of.
I’ll have to rent a robot baby and dose Cheryl with hormones to enable her to interact with it as if it was real.
And she may take years to get better, so I might be a daddy for 18 or 20 years. And that’s so unnatural.

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