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21st October
written by amber


My girlfriend, Cyndee, is drop-dead gorgeous. I sure wish I could break up with her.

When we met, I could barely see past her beauty but there were indications, even then, of what was to come. She played the helpless little girl and I lapped it up. “Oh, how do you know so many interesting things?” “Oh, I forgot my credit card. Can I pay you back for my share of lunch later?” She never did, but I didn’t mind.

In all other respects, she seemed to be an adult, responsible woman. She held down a good job, as a receptionist at a car dealership. She made more money than I did. She was on time for things, she wasn’t always having her car towed like she is now, she wasn’t in any legal difficulties. I know now that her roommate was the responsible one and I suspect she had her motives. She knew I’d never take Cyndee off her hands if I knew the truth.

So what is the truth?

I know how it looks these days. Last night is a typical example. We were at a restaurant. She’d invited me out to celebrate the raise she got at work. But when it came time to pay, after an hour of inane gossip about people she knows and a canny avoidance of telling me exactly what she did to deserve the raise, she couldn’t find her debit card. And I lost it. Yelling at her while people at the other tables stared, no doubt thinking I’m some kind of monster.

Yelling at her and interrogating her – where did you last use it? Why do you keep losing your cards, your keys, my keys? Why do you always park in no parking spots? Why don’t you pay your tickets? Why didn’t you renew your driver’s licence? Why don’t you grow up?

I sound like her father. I don’t want to sound like her father.

This is not the relationship I want. But, like her roommate, I know she’ll fall totally apart if I break up with her. I need to find someone to take her off my hands.

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I actually saw a couple having this fight in a restaurant.