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15th October
posted by amber

We Walked

We walked out of Africa, our belongings on our backs. By day we walked in sunshine, cautious of lions. By night, we slept near our fire, the hyenas gibbering in the darkness.

Some of us walked to a colder country to the north, some walked south to the end of land. Then we fashioned boats from logs and bark, and set out into a watery unknown.

Some of us walked east to a land of desert and tortured landscapes rising to impossibly high mountains. But after many years, we were able to find routes through the mountains.

We hunted the antelopes and goats, we hunted the horses and mammoths. We welcomed wolves and small cats to our hearths to eat the bones and skin. We built huts. We planted fields.

We tired of walking, and someone leapt upon a horse. From horseback, we dominated the plains. We hunted the mammoth to extinction. We protected our fields from other groups of men. We built villages.

We built towns and walls. We built wagons and roads to carry them. We waged wars.

We built machines.

Our feet forgot the touch of dirt upon our soles. Our minds forgot the rhythm of walking.

We built treadmills.

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