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13th November
posted by amber

Today I’m starting a new category in my posts, so that people have an easy way to ask me questions about my writing.

One thing I’m often asked is about what I write when I sign a book for them. When my first novel was published and I realized I would be signing books, I didn’t know what I should write. Many authors write ‘Best Wishes’ which is simple and fast, but boring. I decided that I would write ‘best wishes’ but in Portuguese, the language spoken in Brazil. The Healer is set in Brazil, so that was fitting.  Com os melhos comprimentos!

For Darkness of the God, I wrote ‘Sastimos’ – meaning good luck in Romany, in appreciation of the gypsies in the novel.

The action in Stolen Children took place in many locales, but I particularly enjoyed the segment in Afghanistan, so in that book I write Jor’ aw Rogh Ose, ‘best wishes’ in Pashto.

If you have any questions about the novels, the Story 365 project or writing in general, just post them in the comments.


  1. 17/11/2011

    On the coldest day of the year, such was his luck that his job today was at the top of the tower – the tower in the clouds.

    Nothing is better on a cold snowy night that homemade soup for supper.

    Here’s a couple of lines for you Amber. Have fun.

    Bill 😉

  2. Lary Woro


    In regards to Sunday Stories and the work being considered previously published, even though we may not potentially give it to a publisher, does it still mean we can place it within a writing portfolio/resume?

  3. 01/12/2012

    Hi Lary – Of course you can use it in a portfolio or resume. I discovered after spending the year writing short stories and posting them on this website that I wasn’t able to submit them to many markets, as publication on the web is considered to be the same as appearing in a magazine. The copyright for your work remains with you, and you could do what I’ve done in the case of some of my short shorts – rewrite and lengthen extensively, then they are a new story.

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