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16th November
written by amber

Time To Die

I’m dreading tonight’s banquet. I’ve been to quite a few of these recently, and now that it’s my turn, I can’t understand how the guest of honour is always so gracious and non-panicked. I am panicked. I’m not ready to die.

I know, I know, I picked the date. The date is not really the problem. It’s the fact of death that’s the problem. One good meal and then I take the sleeping pill and never wake again.

I’m not going to whine and say ‘why do I have to die?’ That I do know. Hell, I had to sit down when I was 21 and calculate how many years of work I would contribute to the colony. More years of work, more years of life. The longer you work, the more years of leisure after retirement. I chose to work 100 years, earning me 50 years of retirement to which I added another 29 years by choosing the ‘austerity’ lifestyle (consuming less food and other rare resources).

And I have no complaints about my life. I enjoyed most of my careers, I had a good procreation wife and three wonderful companions. Because I did a few teaching stints, I was able to earn travel credits, enough to get off-planet once. ‘Austerity’ was not a burden, although I am looking forward to the lavish menu for tonight.

It’s all so damn reasonable. And everyone is so reasonable about it. Human used to die after 50 or so years; they died in unpleasant ways. This is so much better.

But 200 years has not been enough. I don’t want to die!

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