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17th November
written by amber

In the Clouds

On the coldest day of the year, such was his luck that his job today was at the top of the tower – the tower in the clouds. Not ten feet away from him, a large eagle perched, feathers fluffed, intently watching a flock of pigeons huddled on a sill dozens of floors below. And on the horizon, vast clouds massed, grey misery below them and riotous blue above. Dean also was above the storm flinging wet flakes against the sidewalks and lower 200 floors of the tower; he was below the jet stream with its blast of rapid frigid air pushing high wisps of cloud toward the east.

Dean put on his harness and prepared to tackle his task, a task not anticipated in the construction of this tower. Sprays of chemical cleaned the roof top daily, air conditioning and heating units maintained themselves by the means of tiny repairbots, the material of the tower’s construction had not crumbled or faded in the 70 years of its existence. The wealthy in their apartments might employ human servants, but the tower had no need of a handyman.

Until now.

Dean was an artist, but in this brave new world, artists were as poor as they always were, so he’d been hired to address a current social problem. Who better than an artist to have knowledge of the solvents to erase the slogans left behind by the intrepid dissenters who had climbed the tower in the clouds.

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Thank you to Bill Avery for providing this wonderful first line.