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8th November
written by amber

Jessie in a Tunnel

I guess this is like caving, except I think cavers have hard hats and coveralls. I’m wearing the old jeans and sweat shirt I put on for today’s search, plus a jacket that Matt forced me to wear at the last minute, just before I put on the harness and ropes to descend into this mine entrance.

This mine where, if I can believe a note I found attached to a cat’s collar, my boyfriend Jonah has been trapped for three days.

The hard hat would have been useful. Already I’ve clonked myself on the head a couple of times, but not too hard because I’m not going all that fast. I can see why Andy couldn’t fit in this side tunnel – he’s a pretty big guy and this is tight. Luckily, I’ve discovered that I enjoy caving. Who knew? If it wasn’t for the desperate nature of my mission, I’d be having a ball. Instead, I’m anxious, moving as quickly as possible while still staying safe. It won’t do Jonah any good if I get wedged in here, or fall down a hole.

But I think I do need to hurry. Jonah’s note said, “My name is Jonah and I’m in the mine shaft where or near where you find this cat. I am not hurt too bad, but I hope you hurry anyhow.” The writing was very shaky.

“Jonah! Jonah!” I call, then wait for a reply. I’ve been calling out continuously, but this time I think I hear something, a low moan, or is it the echo of my own breathing?

No, it really does sound like a voice. I wriggle forward but the tunnel clenches in on me. Refusing to be stopped, I squeeze through, like a difficult birth, one shoulder at a time, and only the circle of rock holding my hips keeps me from plunging over an edge.

As I steady myself, I hear a voice from far beneath me. “Jessie? Is that you?”

It’s Jonah.

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