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20th November
written by amber

My Lady’s Favour

She jumped down from the tree, her green skirt flaring out to cushion her landing. Whisking her long red braid over her shoulder and sheathing her arrows, she disappeared into the undergrowth.

“What was that?” Elric demanded of Robert the Younger.

“It looked like a girl,” Robert replied, looking equally as dumfounded as his friend.

They turned to stare at the immense dead body lying across the creekbed, the scattered water from its falling spread for many yards in all directions. The giant’s toppling had sounded like the falling of an enormous tree.

“She looked familiar,” Robert mused. “When I was young-”

“You aren’t but eight summers now.”

“I mean very young. Two or three or four. I was playing in the woods, picking flowers, catching butterflies. I caught a lovely red and green butterfly, but as my hand closed around it, I heard a a tiny voice cry out. I opened my fist and there she was, a perfect little girl in miniature, weeping and pleading for her life. Naturally, I let her go.”

“Naturally,” Elric scoffed.

“Well, she did offer a favour in return but I forgot all about her until we annoyed this giant.”

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I would like to thank Nicole at the Pure Spec convention for providing this first line.