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12th November
written by amber


They found it lying among the autumn leaves. It had fallen a long distance and had little resemblance to its original state. The bright feathers, crimson, gold, ochre, blended with the leaves, as did the blood. The blood surprised them – they hadn’t expected an angel to bleed.

If it was an angel.

It was large. When it had shown up on radar, an alarm had been raised. The ensuing visual images had not alleviated the alarm of many, but to some it was seemly, if not anticipated. A visitation. The world was due for a visitation.

Different cultures and religions claimed it as their own.

It flew around the world for nearly a week. Some countries fired on it, unsuccessfully. Many sent planes near, but not too near. Everyone saw the pictures.

It was beautiful.

It fell during the night. Each country had wished to be the site of the visitation, but none wished to be the crash zone.

It fell on Canada. Governments around the world sent their experts, all to be allowed to view the body simultaneously, no one to be given an unfair advantage. They thought they would discover some key to meaning, or some advantage for superiority, or some sign of favour.

They found a bleeding body, feathered and supernaturally lovely, with vast empty hands and unseeing eyes. They found no answers, only more mystery.

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