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15th November
written by amber

The Hair Stylist

These last few weeks I’ve been creating a new hairstyle. The working title is ‘Miss Calgary Stampede.’ The genetics are very similar to Monroe, lengthwise and bodywise, although a wider variety of colours will be offered. All blonde, of course, but several shades of blonde. I’m thinking of capitalizing on the rodeo slash ranching motif by naming them Palomino, Wheat Fields, Buckskin and Buttercup.

I think I have a good chance of getting the style into development, given my success with ‘Grace Jones’ and ‘The Mullet Redux.’

My biggest challenge is how to deal with the time factor. Everyone wants their new hairstyle overnight, but the long styles are tricky. Revlon had big problems with ‘Cher’ – the style finished in 10 hours, but a high percentage of clients experienced rapid unwanted growth in eyebrows and nose hair.

That hasn’t happened with my test subjects, but too many of them are complaining about excruciating scalp pain. If I can’t splice for rapid growth, I’ll factor in an interim style. For a three day scenario, ‘Bee Stung’ (a flapper style) followed by ‘Prince Valiant.’ By the third day, the flip will start, and the full style will be achieved by the fifth day, after which growth will cease. Of course, split-end elimination and length restoration will be an additional purchase, as will colour revitalization.

Meanwhile, I’ve been tinkering with my own sartorial genetics, being much more experimental than I’d be with clients or test subjects. Chameleon DNA has produced some very interesting results.

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The idea for this story came to me while I was having my hair cut today, not surprisingly.