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23rd November
written by amber

The Girl With Appaloosa Hair

A white buzz cut with black spots of varying size – that’s a fashion statement, but not one I expected. I check her photo on my notebook. She’s wearing a hat, looking cute and maybe a bit punkish, but not this punk. One ring in her nose then, not the bristling cornucopia of metal she sports now.

I think I’ll wait at the bar for a few minutes more, finish my Scotch, decide if I’m going over to the table where she waits. I told her I’d be wearing a blue sweater, and I am, but I’m an old hand at this sort of thing, so I’m wearing a jacket over the sweater.

She’s a medical supply company representative, or at least that’s what she said she was. That’s what I am too, or was. My first ‘lie’ was not telling her that I’m currently unemployed. Has she lied to me too? Is covering up that hair-do a sin of omission or commission? How does she keep her job looking like that? Or is she also unemployed?

Having the same job may be one factor that piqued my interest, but it certainly wasn’t a deciding factor. Cuteness, sense of humour, agreement on major issues such as religion, politics and sex, love of the outdoors – those are the most important things to me in a relationship. And we’ve had such a good relationship, over the Internet. Chrissie has a great sense of humour and a refreshingly fresh take on modern culture, it’s been a real pleasure corresponding with her. I’ve loved every single movie and tune she’s recommended, and she professed to enjoy my taste in movies, books and music too.

We have interacted on Skype, so this isn’t actually our first face-to-face meeting. And I have to say, in retrospect, she must have been deliberately hiding her appearance from me. It was more than a hat, it was some kind of scarf wrapped around her head, but I was so excited to be talking to her, hearing her beautiful voice, seeing her sparkling eyes and her sexy mouth, I didn’t really notice that I wasn’t seeing her hair.

Is she testing me now – flaunting this hair, these piercing, those tattoos on her upper arms and her chest? Will I pass the test? I know I like her, but the way she looks tonight, I can’t imagine introducing her to my friends, to my family.

I signal the bartender for another Scotch and hunch over, hiding my sweater. What am I going to do?

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