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29th November
written by amber

Mellow Yellow

Rick tripped and punched a comic. He stumbled on the steps outside the Laugh ‘Til You Die Club, put out a hand to stop his fall, and the hand connected to the chin of a departing yuckster.

Well, of course, he didn’t really trip but overt violence was not in his repertoire. Accidental assault was more his style. He was a comic himself, a comic of good humour, ironic observation of this modern world, self-deprecating homilies, mild complaint and faint praise.

The comic he punched was one of the new breed of Brutalists whose schtick was to tight-focus on one single unwitting victim, cyber-stalking the poor schmuck, exposing all their foibles and all-too-human failings to very public and completely unwarranted ridicule and caricature. But this particular comic, this WikiPunker, had picked the wrong patsy.

Rick’s little sister, Patsy, a blameless girl who managed a homeless shelter and ran fund-raisers for autistic cats, had attracted the internet humour-hound merely by winning an award. “Edmonton’s Jewel of Caring.”

WikiPunker had not known that Patsy’s brother Rick was a superhero of sorts, an easy-going stand-up comedian by night, a noble avenger of the down-trodden by day.

Thus Mellow Yellow did smite WikiPunker and it was good.

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Thank you to Rick LeBlanc for this first line. Hope the arm heals soon, Rick!