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11th November
written by amber

The Lonespar Twins

Billy and Bobby – you don’t think of 60 year old twins, until you see them. Similar plaid shirts and patched heavy cotton pants, identical unshaven chins, pouched eyes and sunken mouths. When they smile, they have exactly the same teeth missing.

They’ve been an institution around this valley all their lives. They worked at smaller mines until CoalCo bought all the leases – I’ve heard they worked their own mine when they were teenagers. Some people say it wasn’t a coal mine but a gold mine. Some people say it didn’t produce a nugget; others say their cabin is insulated with King George hundred dollar bills. They do show up at the bank from time to time with heritage bills, crisp around the edges but rippled with dampness and smelling of moth balls. They bring enough to exchange for a bank draft to buy some piece of used equipment – a log splitter, say, or an old truck.

They work the same shift and the same crew at CoalCo. I don’t think management dares separate them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t spent a minute apart for the past 40 years.

There is another local rumour that one of them got married once, however I can’t picture any girl having the power to come between them. But everyone swears this story is true – Billy got hauled into jail for a bar fight during the 70s. Bobby followed him to the station and when they wouldn’t put him in the cell with his brother, he went back to the bar, hauled off and socked the bar tender.

Thus landing him in the same cell as his twin. The next day, no one would press charges, so they were released, and haven’t broken the law since.

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