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27th November
posted by amber

Day of the Rutabaga

Everyone told me I was wasting my time playing Plants vs Zombies, little knowing that I was acquiring skills destined to save mankind. Oh – zombies didn’t attack us. The plants did.

The best theory our few remaining scientists have been able to come up with is that some hidden genetic code, possibly installed by an ancient intelligence, was triggered when humankind pushed the environment to the brink, when global warming and species extinctions and soil depletion and ocean acidification had nearly passed the tipping point into planetary death.

The plants fought back. They fought back against us. Gardens uprooted themselves and crawled into our homes at night and strangled us. Many people were murdered by their houseplants. Condo towers were toppled by rampaging tree roots. Undigested salad clawed out of people’s stomachs by the shortest route.

That’s when I had to recall all the zombie tactics I’d learned while playing that silly game and teach my little group how to survive. There are nearly 5000 of us still – for all we know, we’re the last. We exist beneath the shelter of a turncoat mega-philodendron with a taste for pilfered whisky.

But we don’t know what we’ll do when the Scotch runs out.

The Story 365 project is a year-long marathon of short story writing, with a new story for every day of the year and posted on this website from May 1, 2011 – April 30, 2012. Stories must be a minimum of 200 words. Please help me by adding first line suggestions in the Comment section of any story.

Thank you to Barb Galler-Smith for suggesting this first line. It was great fun!

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